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Out of 70% of water on Earth, only about

is freshwater

The scarcity of fresh water resources is a significant global concern, as population growth, climate change, pollution, and inefficient water management practices put pressure on this limited resource.

Interested in water-saving techniques but unsure where to start?

Despite frequently being reminded about the significance of water and its limited availability, the majority of people are left uninformed about practical methods to conserve this vital resource. It is astonishing that many of us lack the knowledge on how to preserve the very substance necessary for our survival.

Struggling to find ways to conserve water? 

That’s where JALDOOT comes in

Our mission is to deliver valuable knowledge and practical knowledge  to individuals who want to make a difference.

With the right information, you can save significant amounts of water every day, benefiting both yourself and the world around us.

Our trained JALDOOTs excel at identifying water-saving opportunities in various settings like homes, offices, and buildings. They possess the expertise to not only suggest but also implement suitable solutions.

Simply put, they offer precisely what is needed, without any excess or deficiency.

Why the name JALDOOT

Water (JAL)       +       Doorstep Orientation & Optimisation Technician (DOOT)

You can be a part of us by Becoming a JALDOOT.

We can help you save water in your household. Just Request a JALDOOT.


What Customers Say


The day I got to know that our washbasin dispenses 10 ltr water per minute and Kitchen sink 15-20 lts per minute, I was shocked as we do not need this much water to wash hands/utensils. I got water aerator installed in my kitchen and wash basins. I am super happy that we are saving 60-70% water in wash basins and kitchen sink now. Thank you JalDoot for making us aware and implementing this simple solution which can be done by every house hold and will have huge impact!!! Lets Save Water, Save Lives.



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